Episode 91 -You Are Chosen - Ephesians 1

We are going to do something a little different for the next few weeks! We are going to work through the book of Ephesians together as a podcast! Each week, I will read one chapter in Ephesians and we will break it down kind of like our own personal bible study, just you and me! 

This is week one so we are going to tackle Ephesians 1 together! This first chapter is Paul, once again, reminding the church that we are now ALL God's chosen people because Jesus paid for our sins and shame. We are sealed and His when we believe Jesus is the Messiah! 

And with our faith, we are given the Holy Spirit as well as supernatural resources to continue to spread the Good News and create more disciples! If you didn't think you had any gifts or purpose, you are wrong! We cover it more in today's episode! So open up your bible, get your highlighter out, and lets study Ephesians!

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