Revealing The Deception Behind Manifesting, New Age, Zodiac Signs, and Astrology with Guest Tailah Scroggins

Hey friends! Get ready for a juicy and honest conversation I had with my Tiktok and IG friend Tailah Scroggins! We go there and touch on the heavy topic of new age practices (manifesting our dreams, astrology, horoscopes, zodiac signs, etc.) and how they are not in alignment with God's word. We know many of these practices are so commonplace and we can even believe them to be just "fun and innocent", but after you listen in our my conversation with Tailah, I pray that God really opens your eyes to His truth and that you can see the deception for what is it: a potential doorway to let the enemy into your life and home. We are pulling the curtain back on these lies and exposing them! God is the ONLY Way, ONLY Truth, and ONLY Life. We want to make sure it stays that way in your life, sis.

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  • I just love how Jesus speaks trough you all the time you honestly teach and preach the absolute truth

    Cherish Bishop

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