Not Today Satan! - Fighting Our REAL Enemy

Hey friends! Did you know that you have an enemy? Nope, it's not your spouse. It's not your boss. It's not the person on social media who doesn't have the same political views as you. As believers, we have ONE enemy and his name is Satan. He sneaks around like a roaring lion looking to devour your marriage, your family, your identity, your peace, your courage, your hope, and your faith on a daily basis. And yet, we rarely put up a fight against him. We will fight with our spouses all day long...we will fight thoughts in our head all day long...but we will never lift a finger towards the devil. We are fighting the wrong battles, friends. We don't blame the devil enough and I have had enough of this! Today, ask to have your eyes opened as we dive into this journey of learning all of the schemes of the enemy and how to, not just survive his attacks, but to be a threat right back! Let's fight this good fight, sis! I am pumped! LETS GO!


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  • This one yes Satan and I have been arguing lately because I’ve been really edgy and impatient and I know that Satan talking to me but I’ve been ignoring him and pushing him away meaning that I’m trying to stay in common not getting irritated with people in general and that’s God keeping me calm because without God I would be frustrated irritable impatient everyday like I have been in the past month or two but I’m letting God handle it and I’m pushing the devil away


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