New Year's Resolution Challenge// Knowing What is Sin (and How to Handle it!)

Hey friends! Today, I want to challenge you as we enter the new year. If you have been wanting to mature in your faith and you feel God pulling you closer to Him, you will find that you will begin to see sin that you usually didn't see. And I want to challenge you to walk into that new phase of your faith boldly! I know it can be challenging and even scary you resist temptations and sins that you have become accustom to, but that is the danger of it all. We have become so desensitized to sin that we don't see recognize most of it around us! We are so neutral to so many sins that we begin to just let it be instead of being righteously offended by it and wanting to bring light and truth to the situation! Kind of like how Noah's sons handled (or didn't handle) a certain precarious situation Noah finds himself in after the flood.


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