Episode 94 -Instructions for Christian Living - Ephesians 4

Hey friends! We are continuing our bible study and break down of the book of Ephesians! Today we are tackling chapter 4 and it is a gooooood one!!

Have you every wondered to yourself what "being a Christian" actually should look like? Yes, we are supposed to be obedient to the Holy Spirit inside of us and that obedience will naturally lead us to right choices, fleeing from sin, and being in alignment with God's will. But for anyone who likes check-lists and just wants some examples of what this looks like, Ephesians 4 is going to be for you! (Honestly, Ephesians 4-6 is going to be for you!) Get read for some convicting verses because Paul does not sugar coat Christianity here. We are called to get rid of our old selves and put on our new selves, made new in Christ! If there is anything from your pre-Christian life you have been holding onto, there is a strong possibility Paul calls it out here. Get ready for some conviction!

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