How To Be A Humble Yet Confident Christian

Hey friends! In today's Thursday Truth Bomb, we are going to talk about two topics: humility and confidence. Those two sound contradictory to one another, but as Christians, we actually should be both! But we tend to fall into either one extreme or the other. Some of us are "too" humble to a fault. We believe we are so imperfect and so far from God that there is no way He will ever accept us as His own. Some of us are "too" confidence, or maybe even just blissfully blind, to our confidence. We are so confident, we think we are faultless. We struggle to even see our sin. But we need to be both. We need to be humibly aware of our sin so we know just how much we really need Jesus. But it's because of Jesus and God's rich mercy that we can be confident because God fights for us, we need only to be still!

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  • Just began spending time with you each day. Really enjoyed this one. I feel I’m between confident in his forgiveness but so shameful in my sins

    Ann cook

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