Help With Reading Your Bible

Hey friends! On today's Quick Tip Tuesday, I cover some common question that are asked when it comes to reading your Bible! Help to keep your mind from wandering. Where do I even start reading? How can I apply the Bible to my life? Let's dive in!

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  • This one is a hard one for me to comprehend because when I’m reading the Bible I don’t quite comprehend in any way and I know it is hard to understand the Bible for anybody but when I read even the young version of the Bible I still have problems understanding so I moved to a kid’s Bible and it’s like I can relate to that and I know that sounds strange coming from an older person like me but I really have to take a break and I know God doesn’t take breaks when he was riding the Bible but I have to take a break from it and come back to it and then read it again because most of the Bible is very hard to understand for me and I wish there was an easier way for me to read it and understand the words like or they’re not so hard and find the meaning to them I get frustrated because there’s really no easy way to understand it and I like the way Valerie puts it into words that I can understand a little better but the Bible was not meant for anyone to really understand the whole thing only one person knows that Bible is God but if we get right with him he will help us understand and get to know the Bible better

  • I just found you on TikTok. And it wonderful. Thank you so much. I will be following you

    Jan DeWitt

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