Episode 89 - How To Find Your Kingdom Purpose

Thanks to good ole Tiktok (yes, I am on Tiktok!), I discovered there is a huge need for clarity on spiritual gifts and Kingdom purpose. So many people in my comments section say they struggle with even knowing what their gifts are! And more of them don't even believe they have any talents or gifts!

Oh heaven no no no! We are all given spiritual gifts! They may be different but they all come from the same Holy Spirit. So I wanted to share my story about how I grew up thinking I was lacking in the spiritual gifts department too. I used to believe everyone else has superior gifts than me, and that my skills were just ordinary. They weren't kingdom purpose skills. But now I realize that all of those thoughts were lies from the enemy. The enemy knew I was created with great kingdom purpose! And he tried to take me out of the game at an early age.

But God was victorious!! So if you need guidance on how to discover and identity your spiritual gifts and how they can be used for the kingdom, this is the episode for you. Enjoy!

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