Episode 118: The Pivot- Trusting God's Understanding Over My Own

Hey friends! You might be expecting The Beautifully Enough Podcast! What the heck is God Is Within Her? Am I in the right place?! 

Do not panic. You are in the right place, sister! This is still Valarie Reynolds, your bestie and mentor! This is still a weekly devotional for Christian women. I am still here to help you mature your faith, grow a closer relationship with God and help you live confidently in Christ! And we will still kick the devil in the teeth by studying God’s word and grow our God-given courage and bravery as Godly women! 

But sometimes, God calls us to pivot. And He has been calling me to pivot with the name of the podcast for a while. When I first started this podcast, I titled it Beautifully Enough because that is how I felt. I was in a lowly dark place in my life. I was struggling with some inner idols that God was exposing. I jumped into creating this podcast with no idea where it was going or how much of an impact it was going to have on so many women’s lives. I really doubted myself and that I was even qualified to teach other Christian women scripture and Biblical lessons,  That is why the podcast was titled Beautifully Enough - It was my declaration and reminder to myself that I am just that, beautifully enough, even when I didn’t feel like I was enough or qualified enough.

And here we are today, exactly two years since the first podcast episode aired! I am bewildered and amazed at how God has used this podcast for growing His Kingdom and glory! You probably can say you and I have come a long way as Godly women, haven’t we?

And that is why the name is taking a pivot. We have matured as a podcast. I have matured even more as your weekly host. Many of you have matured along with me! And while we may occasionally struggle with feeling just beautifully enough, it’s time we move to the next season of our walks with Christ. It’s time to boldly step into the next phase of being women who live a life where it is abundantly clear that God is within her! Where we no longer live lives dictated by our doubts and fears but truly live as Godly women who are unshakeable because God is within us!

I won’t lie, this pivot was a scary one for me. So many of you love the original name!  And that planted some doubt in my head, like maybe this pivot wasn’t what I was supposed to do. And that is what I wanted to talk to you about today. Trusting God over yourself. 

Welcome to God Is Within Her - a women's devotional podcast 

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