Episode 108- Maturing In Your Faith Part 3

Hey friends!! Today we are going to dive into the last 3 key areas in your faith that, if you commit to improving and growing in, naturally your faith will mature alongside it!

I know going all-in to mature your faith can feel scary. For years, I struggled with wanting to but not knowing exactly where to start. That’s why I created Maturing In Your Faith! It’s a video course and e-workbook designed to guide you through six key areas in your faith that, as mature in each area, naturally your faith will mature too!

These six areas are the exact areas that I personally have grow and matured in myself over the past few years as I have walked my own personal journey of maturing in my faith. I’ve been able to go from “lukewarm”, too busy for quiet time, only spending time with God on Sundays to passionate, excited, I look forward to my quiet time, I love reading my Bible, I think and talk about Jesus 24/7!!

If that is what you have been craving in your spirit, this course is for you! 💕

My new course IS OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED AND LIVE TODAY!! Click the link below to find more details about Maturing In Your Faith and how to snag it for yourself so you can finally discover that stronger, more confident faith in Christ you were created to have!

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