Episode 101- Revelation Is Not Scary!

Hey friends! Today, we are tackling the book of the bible that I think a lot of us avoid. We avoid it because it either scares us half to death OR we read it and it's just so dang confusing!! We are going to talk about the book of REVELATION!!! Dun dun dunnnn!!!


We have been taught the book of Revelation wrong for so long that we think it's this dark, end-times, scary, tribulation, mark of the beast, end of the world book that we should be frightened of. Revelation is not scary! When you really dig deep into Revelation, you begin to see that it's not a book of fear. Revelation is a book of hope and VICTORY!

What??? You've never seen the book of Revelation as a book of hope?! Well, it is. Trust me. Let's talk about it today! And I pray that you leave this episode with a sense of empowerment and a readiness to be a THREAT TO THE ENEMY!

The Village Church & Matt Chandler's Revelation Series

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