Episode 100- How To Get Consistent Reading Your Bible

Hey friends!! I got a wild hair this week and recorded a bonus episode for you! If there is one thing I get asked on a weekly basis, it's "Val, how can I get consistent with reading my bible?" You want to start doing it on a daily basis. You're feeling the conviction in your heart that you know you need to do this. You know it will only be beneficial to your faith and walk with Christ.

But it's just so dang hard sometimes! You're so busy. You're plate is so full! There just isn't one more thing you can fit into your schedule! Perhaps you feel like you don't have enough wisdom to understand. Maybe you just don't know where to start!

I am here to help!!! I used to be just like that, full of excuses and reasons why everyone else could read their bible daily but I could not! But here I am, with a consistent early morning quiet time and bible study with God. I've been on this routine for almost two years now and it has been LIFE CHANGING! So I am here to share all of my tips on how you can start reading your bible daily!

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